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Project Background: 

For this project, the University of Minnesota Duluth’s (UMD) focus was to modernize their existing Residence Dining Center. The University’s goals included increasing efficiency, providing a user-friendly atmosphere, and generally updating the 40-year old facility.

The original dining center was built in 1974. Since this time, the student body of the university has more than doubled. This lack of capacity coupled with a generally dated and unwelcoming design led to the university looking to redevelop the space.


This renovation has:

  • Enhanced the seating capacity.

  • Enlarged and expanded the traffic flow.

  • Updated serving areas with the addition of action stations.

  • Increased menu choices.

  • Created a welcoming experience.

The new design also allows the students to use the dining room as a social space beyond the hours of operation of the servery. Since completion, the University as accommodated the students’ needs and provided them with a healthy environment.

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