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Architecture of Moose Lake Community Schools


ARI believes that you shouldn’t have to change how you do things to conform to the shortcomings of your building. Our design approach incorporates the principle that from the very beginning, your facility should meet the needs of everyone who lives and works there.

We strive to provide affordable, functional, and inspiring design solutions for your project - an outcome that we all can be proud of for years to come.

We believe that large or small, your project is our most important.


Providing efficiency and uniform integration


Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers bring designs to completion by ensuring our buildings operate efficiently and safely. 

Mechanical Engineering - As mechanical engineers, we pride ourselves on designing appropriately efficient heating, ventilation and plumbing systems for our buildings' owners using tried-and-true methods.

Electrical Engineering - Our electrical engineering team stays at the forefront of the industry by adopting innovations in power, lighting and building security systems.

Mechanical Room at Lake Country Power
Giants Ridge Interior finishes

Interior Design

As interior designers, our goal is to positively impact people's lives through the way they experience and use built space. The services we provide showcase our team from CIDA-accredited design education institutions, and science-backed research, to create beautiful, functional and safe interior spaces. Alongside the architectural team, we manage the design process through thoughtful programming and space planning, and truly listen to what a projects needs are from start to finish.

As the saying goes, "The design is in the details," & our dedication to that methodology goes unmatched.

Rendering of nature and landscape architecture

Designing outdoor spaces that enhance nature & inspire life 

Landscape Architecture

We offer a comprehensive approach to the design and planning of outdoor spaces. Our process starts with a thorough understanding of your goals, budgets, and design preferences. We leverage our expertise in plants, materials, and landforms to create stunning, functional outdoor environments. Our services encompass site analysis, concept design, construction documentation, cost estimating, and project management, ensuring that every project is executed to the highest standards. We are committed to creating sustainable, beautiful spaces that not only meet your needs but also benefit the environment.

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