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Laurentian Elementary — Rock Ridge

New 89,000 SF Elementary School in Eveleth, MN

Eveleth-Gilbert and Virginia Public School Districts worked together to consolidate and create the new Rock Ridge Public School District. The first of a series of schools to be completed in the district, Laurentian Elementary School, features innovative and modern spaces offering advanced learning opportunities for the PK-6 students the space will serve. Completed in the fall of 2022, the $34M elementary was designed by ARI and Cuningham Group Architecture.

The design of the 89,000-square-foot elementary reflects the beautiful natural land the school was built on and leverages the fantastic views the area has to offer. The vision for the facility was to create a more collaborative learning environment and adaptable spaces that can change with new education models.   

A modern and innovative space, Laurentian Elementary features an indoor playground, heated flooring, a learning courtyard, learning commons, a multi-purpose athletic field, flexible and colorful furniture, and other amenities ideal for the harsh winters in Minnesota and flexible learning environments.

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