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Iron Range Engineering Program

Iron Range Engineering (IRE) Facility Established at Mesabi Range College

Northeast Higher Education District (NHED) and Arrowhead University (AU) worked together with Architectural Resources, Inc. (ARI) for roughly three years on the Iron Range Engineering Program’s (IRE) Addition and Renovation at the Mesabi Range College. The project included the renovation of an existing art studio suite, addition of a new industrial lab, direct entrance design and development, toilet rooms and corridor connection of existing spaces.

The evolution of the design process of IRE included:

1. Phase I completed in August of 2009 consisted of a space renovation to accommodate a new engineering program.

2. The Pre-Design for the proposed IRE Addition and Renovation was developed and completed during the fall/winter months of 2009-2010.

3. Phase II Addition was designed and completed to accommodate the growing needs of the program, in accordance with student/faculty move-in during August 2010.

4. Funding to design, construct, furnish and equip a 4,600 GSF Industrial Lab Addition for the four-year engineering program was secured in 2011.

5. Construction of the Industrial Lab Addition was completed in August 2013.

Addition & Renovation

Scope of Services:




Minnesota North College

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