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Hillcrest Properties

Hillcrest Assisted Living Facilities

Alice Memory Care II: Completed in 2007, this 9,500 sq. ft. 28-room facility was linked by a fenced courtyard to the original Alice Memory Care building. The building’s two living areas consist of 14 room areas with their own commons area and separate residential kitchen. The remaining section, near the main entrance, houses an office, conference room, visitor commons, storage and laundry. Exterior treatments, including the brick and stone exterior, sloped shingled roof, residential windows and landscaping, are in keeping with and enhance the residential neighborhood where the facility is located.

Hillcrest Nashwauk: Architectural Resources, Inc. worked with Range Development on a new assisted living facility centrally located in Nashwauk, MN. Completed in 2009, this 42-unit complex is comprised of 20 units designed to accommodate memory care occupants and the remaining 20 units accommodate living rooms and suites. Kitchen, laundry, office spaces, mechanical, electrical and storage spaces are included to support the facility.

New Construction

Scope of Services:


2007 - 2009


Range Development Company

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