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Hermantown Fire Halls

Hermantown Fire Department Gains Two New Fire Halls Equipped with Storage and Updated Facilities

ARI was hired by the City of Hermantown to assess two existing fire halls and establish a feasibility study on how to remodel the existing buildings to meet the current space requirements of the Hermantown Fire Department, which had outgrown its existing facilities. Following a full demolition of the existing facilities, ARI was tasked with developing a plan for the design of two completely new buildings to be located on the existing sites. Several design concepts were presented to the client, with the final design featuring two new halls with an identical floor plan. The ultimate plan allowed for space to store trucks and gear. New men's and women's locker rooms were also added to the new facilities to better suit the department's needs.

The facilities include maintenance garages, engine bays, living spaces, offices, breakrooms, parking lots, meeting/conference areas, and landscaping.

New Construction

Scope of Services:




City of Hermantown

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