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Dr. Ben Owens-Cheever Field

The Bluejacket's New and Improved Dr. Ben Owens-Cheever Field

Nearly two years passed between the conception and completion of this project at the Hibbing Bluejackets' home field. However, our feedback was that "the wait was worth it." Although the synthetic blue turf was the main attraction on opening night, there were also many other upgrades that were included in this project. The project sought to update existing facilities, utilities, and site features while managing concerns about water infiltration and erosion. The renovations included a new track, a synthetic turf football field, a retaining wall at the bleachers, and track and field events layout. The redesigned field also features LED lighting and upgraded fencing for added security and accessibility.

The field is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of sports, including football, soccer, and track and field. The Dr. Ben Owens-Cheever Field is a fantastic addition to Hibbing Schools and will provide students with an excellent space for physical activity and competition and also for the community to come together for games and events. This new field will help to promote healthy living, school spirit and community engagement.

New Construction

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Hibbing Public Schools

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