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Chisholm Mineland Reclamation Growth Chamber

Chisholm Growth Chamber Transformed into a Modern Work and Growth Space for Professionals

Originally an incubator facility where trees were placed to grow, the Growth Chamber space is now intended to be used for a different kind of "growth."

The facility underwent a significant remodel to transform into a modern working and learning space with a think tank, activity spaces, a project lab, and lounge areas. As these areas are each intended for different purposes, interior finishes and architectural design aids the facility's acoustics, allowing each space to be used in the manner it was intended ­— whether for collaboration, meetings, or private conversations.

With an increasing need for "touch-down" spaces for traveling workers, the project intended to create transient work areas for members passing through the area. This remodel resulted in the addition of casual soft-seating areas, stations for both independent and collaborative work, a break area, and a more traditional conference room for its users. Architectural Resources, Inc. assisted the project owners throughout the design process, from schematic design through construction documents. ARI also led the project through the bidding process and oversaw construction.


Scope of Services:




State of Minnesota Real Estate and Construction Services (RECS )

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