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Project Background: 


In 2013, ARI began working with the Virginia School District to facilitate and develop plans to remodel and expand Parkview Learning Center. School committees, along with ARI, agreed that expanding Parkview Learning Center would allow more children to take advantage of quality early childhood education and prepare them for a successful educational experience and a bright future.

Funding to expand and remodel Parkview Learning Center was a result of successful legislation during the 2012 session that resulted in $7.7 million dollars of IRRRB Revenue Bonds being awarded to the Virginia School District.

The Grand Opening of the newly remodeled school took place in the fall of 2016.

The addition includes:

  • Eight (8) early childhood classrooms

  • Additional gymnasium

  • New cafeteria and kitchen

  • New school offices and secure building entrance


Remodeling of the existing school building included:

  • New kindergarten classrooms

  • Relocated, expanded and improved library and music room

  • Additional staff toilets

  • Expanded Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) space

  • Developmentally and Cognitively Disabled Room

  • Additional Special Education classroom and storage space

  • Technology Office/Workshop

  • Large Muscle/Multipurpose room


Construction timeline of events:

  • Ground breaking spring 2015

  • Construction & remodel process summer 2015-summer 2016

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