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Cross River Heritage Center

Master Planning at the Cross River Heritage Site Results in Future Site Recommendations

ARI developed a master plan for Schroeder Area Historical Society at the Cross River Heritage Site, a common stopping place for visitors and tourists to Minnesota’s North Shore. Through a process of research and documentation, ARI focused on how best to preserve the site for future educational and interpretive purposes while thoughtfully expanding to meet a growing need for additional space and programs.

Our landscape architects explored future programming opportunities including improved site circulation and multi-modal parking, walking paths, educational exhibits and an outdoor event space for concerts. Through site visits, programming meetings, and design review presentations, ARI’s landscape team identified existing site challenges and future growth potential, documenting opportunities through artistic renderings. Throughout this process, the focus was on providing spaces that cultivated arts and learning and blended a strong sense of connection between the surrounding area and architecture.

Master Plan


Schroeder Area Historical Society



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