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Fairview Range Radiation Therapy Center

Installation of Advanced Medical Linear Accelerator at Fairview in Hibbing, MN

ARI worked with Fairview University Medical Center-Mesabi in Hibbing, MN on the addition and remodel of the existing radiation department to complete the installation of the most advanced linear accelerator in the region. State-of-the-art motion management techniques allow patients to breathe naturally during treatment sessions, increasing treatment accuracy, reducing stress and increasing patient comfort.

This project was phased and completed during hospital occupancy. 

The 5,250 square-foot addition included doctors' offices, a linear accelerated vault, mechanical space and a future stairwell/elevator to a potential second floor. ARI worked closely with Varian Medical Systems, Inc. and hospital medical staff to lay out the required space for the new VariSource. 

The remodeled portion of the project relocates the existing exam rooms to the north end of the building.

The remodel allocated space for an expanded nurses' station, change rooms, toilet rooms near the vault, and a reception/waiting area, allowing additional seating. 

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