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Warroad High School & ECFE

Warroad Public Schools — Master Planning, Early Childhood Addition, High School Renovation

As a facility originally built to house middle and high school students, Warroad’s existing High School had begun housing elementary students upon the closure of the District’s elementary school. The building lacked size-compliant finishes and casework consistent with the younger demographic, thus driving the District’s need to explore options for correcting these issues.

ARI successfully led the Warroad Public School District through a referendum process, leading to a renovation of the High School and an Early Childhood Education addition and renovation to the existing high school. A significant focus of the high school renovation included an industrial tech renovation — woods, metals, and robotics lab space. Visitors can see into the lab space through a glass wall.

The early childhood addition includes eight newly constructed early learners classrooms, flexible classroom spaces, soft seating options, and an abundance of natural daylight. Flexible seating, play areas, lockers and cubbies and secure entrances were integral to the addition. The project also included improvements to Indoor Air Quality, technology, and the building envelope.

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Warroad Public Schools

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