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UMD Medical School Classroom

UMD Medical School Lecture-Style Classroom

ARI provided full architectural and engineering design services at the University of Minnesota Duluth to create a large, lecture-style classroom for 75-100 students in the medical school, two faculty offices and two breakout study rooms for students. A/V is controlled from the front of the classroom, holding 96 students with accessible seats on the bottom tier. ARI worked closely with the UMD Medical School department staff to coordinate the overall design based on classroom needs. A focal point of this project was to create a space that promoted learning, gathering, and comfort. To achieve this, we reviewed concepts with department members and students before moving forward with a final design. Through these discussions, we found that flexible furnishings, more headroom for students and a desire for an open-airy space were top priorities for the end-users of this space.

The 4,500 sq. ft. renovation was completed in the Spring of 2021.

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University of Minnesota, Duluth

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