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Laurentian Elementary — Rock Ridge

New 89,000 SF Elementary School in Eveleth, MN

Eveleth-Gilbert and Virginia Public School Districts worked together to consolidate and create the new Rock Ridge Public School District. The first of a series of schools to be completed in the district, Laurentian Elementary School, features innovative and modern spaces offering advanced learning opportunities for the PK-6 students the space will serve. Completed in the fall of 2022, the $34M elementary was designed by ARI and Cuningham Group Architecture.


The design reflects the beautiful natural land the school was built on and leverages the amazing views the area has to offer. The vision for the facility was to create a more collaborative learning environment as well as adaptable spaces that can change with new education models.   

A modern and innovative space, Laurentian Elementary features an indoor playground, heated flooring, a learning courtyard, learning commons, a multi-purpose athletic field, flexible and colorful furniture, and other amenities that are ideal for the harsh winters in Minnesota and flexible learning environments.

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