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Ely High School & Washington Elementary

$21.43M Addition and Remodel of Ely High School and Washington Elementary

ARI worked with Ely Public Schools to pass a referendum for the District, which was approved in November 2020. The district and ARI worked together to collect data, conduct facility walkthroughs, gauge educational adequacy, document community feedback, develop images and concepts, and refine the final plan.

Currently under construction, the 110,500-square-foot project includes a 71,000-square-foot remodel of the existing Ely Memorial High School and Washington Elementary schools. The addition portion of the project consists of CTE classrooms, a gymnasium, commons, a media center, offices and a cafeteria equipped with a commercial kitchen. The renovation included updated HVAC systems and indoor air quality, classroom renovations, site improvements, early childhood relocation/reconfiguration, and new plumbing and electrical throughout.

Scope of Services

Renovation & Addition




Ely Public Schools

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