The Silver Bay Economic Development Authority reached out to ARI to assist them in reimagining roughly 150 acres along the city's Lake Superior waterfront.  The team worked together to determine that a diverse array of uses would be pursued within the area.  Near Highway 61, spaces for tourism-oriented retail, traditional lodging options, a microbrewery, and other entertainment options would give the city a stronger presence on the highly-traveled corridor.  Closer to the waterfront, tiny homes, multi-unit housing, camping spaces, and a resort will provide places for the ever-growing number of people who are seeking out a "North Shore" lifestyle.  The development centers around a large nature preserve, taking advantage of a series of vantage points and wetlands for the sake of recreation, education, and preservation.  This area would be served by a nature center and system of hiking / biking trails which would connect the nature preserve to nearby Black Beach and the Gitchi-Gami Trail.  Overall, the concept seeks to provide a sustainable vision for providing the best that the North Shore has to offer in a convenient and scenic location.