Architectural Resources, Inc. was founded in 1946 by E. A. Jyring and received its present name in 1972.  Since then, ARI has welcomed new team members and completed a wide array of projects with an approach that allows us to respond to our clients with innovative and imaginative design solutions.  Today, ARI offers architecture, engineering, interior design, and landscape architecture at our locations in Duluth and Hibbing.  We look forward to assisting you with your next project.


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Katie Hildenbran
Katie Hildenbrand, CID

President, Certified Interior Designer

Phone: 218-208-0659

Email: katie.hildenbrand@arimn.com

Ryan Erspamer
Ryan Erspamer, AIA

Principal, Architect

Phone: 218-409-8459

Email: ryan.erspamer@arimn.com

David Jordan
David Jordan​, P.E.

Principal, Professional Engineer

Phone: 218-206-8894

Email: david.jordan@arimn.com

Karl Larsen

Principal, Architect

Phone: 218-260-2308

Email: karl.larsen@arimn.com

Scott Sosalla

Past President, Project Manager

Phone: 218-208-0633

Email: scott.sosalla@arimn.com

Mark Wirtanen, AIA

Past President, Architect

Phone: 218-206-9539

Email: mark.wirtanen@arimn.com

Kevin Piron

Associate, Architect

Phone: 218-208-0634

Email: kevin.piron@arimn.com

Mike Petrich

Associate, Architectural Designer

Phone: 218-208-0651

Email: mike.petrich@arimn.com

Casey Nies

Associate, Architect

Phone: 218-208-0657

Email: casey.nies@arimn.com

Aaron Brown​

Architectural Designer

Phone: 218-409-8293

Email: aaron.brown@arimn.com

Tara Anderson


Phone: 218-260-4843

Email: tara.anderson@arimn.com

Kara Iliff

Architectural Designer

Phone: 218-208-0654

Email: kara.iliff@arimn.com

Gabby Laliberte

Architectural Designer

Phone: 218-208-0640

Email: gabby.laliberte@arimn.com

Kory Schleif

Project Technician

Phone: 218-461-1092

Email: kory.schleif@arimn.com

Amanda Isaacs
Amanda Isaacs

Project Technician

Phone: 218-208-0650

Email: amanda.isaacs@arimn.com

Becky Lehto

Project Technician

Phone: 218-409-8483

Email: becky.lehto@arimn.com

Eleanor Brandt, ASLA, PLA

Landscape Architect

Phone: 218-208-0662

Email: eleanor.brandt@arimn.com

Jordan van der Hagen

Landscape Designer, Assoc. ASLA

Phone: 218-208-0666

Email: jordan.vanderhagen@arimn.com

Stephanie Elzen​

Interior Designer

Phone: 218-208-0632

Email:  stephanie.elzen@arimn.com

Kelley Burke

Interior Designer

Phone: 218-208-0661

Email:  Kelley.burke@arimn.com

Mike Washburn
Mike Washburn, P.E.

Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Phone: 218-208-0630

Email: mike.washburn@arimn.com

Scott Fawkes

Associate, Mechanical Designer

Phone: 218-208-0241

Email: scott.fawkes@arimn.com

Dan Sterud

Electrical Designer

Phone: 218-208-0663

Email: dan.sterud@arimn.com

dillon_edited copy.jpg
Dillon Vespa

Mechanical Designer

Phone: 218-208-0639

Email: dillon.vespa@arimn.com

Ryan Headshot.jpg
Ryan Riihinen

Mechanical Designer

Phone: 218-263-6868

Email: ryan.riihinen@arimn.com

Kerry Leider, CPE, CSRM

Owner's Representative

Phone: 218-727-8481

Email: kerry.leider@arimn.com

Maggie Furlong

Graphic Designer

Phone: 218-208-0649

Email: maggie.furlong@arimn.com

Angela Ducote

Business Manager

Phone: 218-206-8253

Email: angela.ducote@arimn.com

Jen Masterman.jpg
Jen Masterman

Office Coordinator

Phone: 218-409-8481

Email: jen.masterman@arimn.com